A Rough Road Has Some Oahu Divers Riled Up

Harold Toelupe
Harold Toelupe
Kristy Shigemoto
Kristy Shigemoto
Ala Moana Boulevard
Ala Moana Boulevard

By Paul Drewes

(KHNL) - Even though we just started the Christmas shopping season, the state is preparing to give us an early present. A break from road construction for a couple weeks!

But there are a couple of projects that planners have put on the top of the list for next year.

Including one section of Ala Moana Boulevard that is giving many drivers headaches.

It's not from a pothole or two, it's because there is a stretch of street rough enough to make many avoid the area.

As the road rounds a curve, many drivers hold on!

Because this bumpy boulevard is not just uneven, it's downright rippled.

Grooves and gouges run through the street.

This well traveled road won't be worked on this year, as state crews will wrap up current projects by mid-December and not start again until the new year.

Which means drivers will have to hold on a little longer.

"Its pretty bad. Its like, they've never touched this side the whole time I've been working on this company which is three years. Everywhere gets fixed but here," says one Oahu driver, Harold Toelupe.

Adds another driver, Kristy Shigemoto, "I try to avoid the right lane because its so bad and I tend to pop over to the next lane just because its hard to drive on. I know most people try to avoid that lane as well. It would be really nice if someone fixed it."

And the state has plans to start work on the road after the new year.

But before drivers get too excited over the end of potholes and rough patches, the state will first fix lights and bus stop pads before re-paving the road.

Something that will take place most likely next summer.

Starting January, the state will also be repaving the airport viaduct.

Both projects will cost about 21 million dollars and for drivers, most of the work will take place at night.