Hawaii Kids Reach Out To Children In Iraq

Elishia Jackson
Elishia Jackson
Private First Class Travis Combs
Private First Class Travis Combs
David Otte,
David Otte,

MILILANI (KHNL) - The joy of giving and our aloha spirit extend half way around the world. With the help of Schofield Barracks soldiers, Mililani High School students reach out to children in Iraq.

It started out with folks wanting to send stuff to our troops in Iraq. But soon "Operation Kids" was born, and it became a lesson in helping children who are less fortunate.

Students at Mililani High School are busy packing boxes.

No, they're not moving, but sending supplies to Iraq. Anything from toothpaste to clothes, and even hot chocolate are on their way.

"It just makes me a little happy just to think that we're doing something because the soldiers do so much for us and we take it for granted," said Elishia Jackson, Mililani High School's student body vice-president.

At first, these students focused on the troops. But soon, they included the children of Iraq, sending pencils, toys, all packed by hand.

"It really touches your heart," said Student Body President David Otte. "It's like we're really making a real difference in the world, so that feels good."

It's a joint effort between Mililani High School and Schofield Barracks. For soldiers in Iraq, there's nothing like a care package from home.

"If I was down there, I'd really feel like I was loved," said Private First Class Travis Combs, a U.S. Army soldier stationed at Schofield Barracks.

And a box of pencils can mean the world to a child who has nothing.

"I think it makes it special because it can be a present if they don't get any," said Jackson.

For Student Body President David Otte, his connection with the troops is personal. He comes from a military family and plans to follow in his dad's footsteps. So, his heart is with the folks in Iraq.

"I hope they stay strong over there," he said. "They're fighting for a good cause, so I support them and they have all our support over here."

Support, goodwill and aloha from Hawaii to Iraq.

Close to 40 boxes of food and supplies are on their way. Mililani High School and Schofield Barracks hope to send more in the months to come.