Here Comes Santa Claus

Jen Lundahl
Jen Lundahl

(KHNL) - You don't see this everyday- Santa being hauled in on a flatbed truck.

But then again this isn't your typical Santa.

Jen Lundahl explained, "Because he's barefoot and he's doing the shaka."

"Wow! was our first reaction. Look at this!" explained Heidi Michener from Pennsylvania.

Crews were hard at work, setting up holiday decorations.

The man in charge is Alex Ching with the City's Parks and Recreation Department.

It takes a lot of finesse to place these 3,000 pound sculptures and a lot of work.

"Usually I start working on this mid-August, early September," said Ching.

The theme is Ku'u Home or "Our Home".

And this year, Ching has added Hawaiian musical instruments to the mix.

He explained, "4 new ones, 2 uli uli and a pahu."

Santa and Mrs. Claus are always the big crowd pleasers.

They got the attention of 2 year old Tristan.

"He thinks Santa's wife is his grandma," said mom Lundahl.

The display stopped Michener in her tracks.

She said, "Every time we're driving around, we're saying, 'Oh look there's a Christmas decoration.' So when we drove by, it was like , 'Stop the car! we have to watch this!'"

There's still more work to be done.

But once that happens, the holidays can really begin.

Ching explained, "It's just standard, you have to see Santa and Mrs. Claus every year."