Salt Lake Street Parking Debated

Aubrey Agcaoili
Aubrey Agcaoili

(KHNL) - Even in the middle of the afternoon, street parking is a valuable commodity in Salt Lake.

"This area's full apartments and stuff," said Aubrey Agcaoli. "So people who have visitors and what not need some parking and there aren't that many visitor stalls available."

No parking signs could become more common. The Salt Lake Neighborhood Board wants to ban parking during select times each month to make it easier for city crews to clean the streets.

"Where will the people park then?" asked Salt Lake resident Arlene Yoshizumi. "There are people who work night shift. Like now you can see it's all taken"

The Neighborhood Board said trash and debris lining the streets tend to wash into the Salt Lake waterway. However residents see few options for drivers who need to use street parking.

"During the day it gets a little better but right around five o'clock you can hardly find any parking around here," Yoshizumi said.

Some drivers see the need to clean the streets but they said parking should remain a priority.

"Maybe if they can compromise to do it a few days a month or so but not completely ban parking that would be great for people in this area," Agcaoli said.