Police Shed Tears, Share Stories About Fallen Comrade

Lt. Gordon Shiraishi
Lt. Gordon Shiraishi
Officer Steve Favela
Officer Steve Favela

(KHNL) - A police officer, a Coast Guard reservist, a father of four young children. The Honolulu Police Department remembers Officer Steve Favela.

Favela died Sunday following that motorcade crash last week. Shedding tears, many HPD employees returned to work on Monday and shared stories about their fallen comrade.

With a mourning band across his badge and tears falling down his face, a police lieutenant finds it difficult keeping it together when talking about fallen officer Steve Favela.

"He would say that, first of all, don't forget him," Lt. Gordon Shiraishi, Honolulu Police Department, said through tears. "You know, we won't forget him."

Shiraishi oversees HPD's Solo Bike Detail. He says Favela and other officers were looking forward to participating in last week's Presidential motorcade.

"We wanted to make sure that we did the best job we could and we looked really professional," Shiraishi said. "Let's make sure your bikes are clean. Wear the best-looking uniform you have."

But suddenly, none of that mattered. Favela, a husband and father of four, crashed his motorcycle. The 30-year-old battled for five days.

"It's obviously the most unpleasant part of our job," Shiraishi said. "And we all had hoped."

Everywhere, people had hoped for the best. Complete strangers turned out to donate blood.

"The efforts will save other lives," Chief Boisse Correa, Honolulu Police Department, said. "You know, we lost an officer. But even in his passing, he's saving lives."

Shiraishi says he'll remember Favela as a hard-working family man, who always walked around with a smile on his face.

"He wanted to come to work and be the best person he could be at work, so he could go home and be the best person he could be," Shiraishi said.

Services for Officer Favela are still pending.