Holiday Shopping Online

Bonnie Horibata
Bonnie Horibata

(KHNL) - At a quiet coffee shop in Kaimuki, you'd never guess the madness has begun to shop for big bargains on this Cyber Monday.

Daniel Ambrosewicz will do most of his holiday shopping online.

He said, "It's kind of at your leisure. You can do it at midnight, you can do it your pajamas and probably the prices are comparable."

But Bonnie Horibata with the Better Business Bureau says have a check-list before you shop. She said, "You want to protect your privacy, you want know who you're shopping with, can you trust that business? So you want to check as much information so you can make good decisions this holiday season."

Horibata says know the company's physical address and phone number.

This information is important if you need to make returns or check on a delivery.

"A lot of times a customer will then go back to the website and they realize all they have is an email address and that's nothing," explained Horibata.

Know the company's return policy and other information, like shipping.

"Lot of places say free shipping, but to Hawaii, it's never the case. Only a couple websites actually have free shipping to Hawaii," Ambrosewicz said.

And when it's time to purchase, look for the letter "s" to follow the http in the browser.

That means the site is secure.

"Even a real professional, good looking website may be all that that is, so you still need to do your homework," Horibata said.

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