Love Handler Doesn't Handle Well

Glynis Ramirez
Glynis Ramirez
Bard Krzykowski
Bard Krzykowski

By: Diane Ako

(KHNL) - Those annoying love handles... Why do we call them that anyway? I can't think of a single person who loves theirs. Now there's a product that promises to help you say goodbye to those nasty love handles for good. But does it work?

Honolulu Club fitness trainer Glynis Ramirez says, "Most people want to work on that mid section: make it smaller, tighter, toner. Get that 'shredded' ab look." The "Love Handler" says look no further! According to the Sharper Image catalogue, the Love Handler "Targets the oblique muscles of your core torso - working your abdominal muscles and your 'love handles' at the same time."

We had Ramirez test it out. She brings athlete Brad Krzykowski as her product tester. Krzykowski, a hard bodied former college athlete, jumps on and tries it out while Ramirez explains how it works. "You just swing your knees from side to side. You're supposed to be able to contract your obliques as you pull it from side to side."

Caution: this machine is not quite stable. One of the several times the 6 foot tall Krzykowski gets on and off the machine, he almost tips it over. For him- a thumbs down. "There's so many things that go into making a complete athlete like flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning, muscle strength and endurance. One piece isn't going to solve everything. You're going to need a good balance of all around program with those components." Krzykowski says he might try it if it were at a gym, but he would definitely not buy it.

Trainer Ramirez tries it herself to similarly dissatisfactory results. "To make your love handles go away, I'd say it doesn't serve that purpose. To make your love handles go away is more about diet and aerobic activity."

But the trainer in her decides to invent a new use for it. She hops on and places her feet in what are supposed to be the knee pads. Swinging back and forth, she exclaims, "This is not bad right here!" Folks, don't try that at home.

Overall, the Love Handler does have some merit. "Anything you do will tone and strengthen muscles. Anything you do. If you do it consistently you will get some strength and muscle tone for sure. But will it get ride of love handles? No," says Ramirez. Krzykowski nods in agreement.

Sorry to say, there's no easy way to a flat stomach... only old-fashioned, hard work! If you still want a love handler, Sharper Image sells it for $250.