Warrior Fans Turned Away At The Gates Of Aloha Stadium

Tom Jones
Tom Jones

(KHNL) - Nothing would keep fans away from Aloha Stadium. Nothing, except a place to park. The near sellout crowd kept some from seeing tonight's game between the top 25 ranked Warriors and the Boilermakers of Purdue. Warrior football is hottest ticket in town, unfortunately that ticket does not include parking. Ticket holders started calling our newsroom at around 4:00 pm complaining about the parking situation.

Long time Pearl city season ticket holders got to the stadium at 3:30pm, waited in line for two hours only to find the lot full. They also tried Radford High School and another school parking lot only to find no spots available. One man even turned around and went home.

"It was still just jam packed when trying to get into this one entrance of the stadium. And this was three hours before the game," Warrior fan Tom Jones said. "We finally just circled around and parked at this little lot right here."

Jones and his family were lucky to find a spot. Other fans weren't so fortunate.

"We actually had some friends come an hour and a half before the game and they couldn't find a spot. They ended up not coming to the game," Jones said.

Stadium officials say holiday shoppers compounded the traffic jam. All roads leading into t