Blood Donations Jump Over Holiday Weekend

(KHNL)- Blood donations are critical in helping people every day, from burn victims, to cancer patients, to those undergoing emergency surgery.

The Blood Bank of Hawaii tries to collect 200 pints of blood every day. They've exceeded that goal the last two days, and hope that trend continues.

Most of it is in response to help Steve Favela.

He's the solo bike officer who was critically injured in the president's motorcade.

"It's outstanding," said Sgt. Daniel Kaholokula, who donated blood after his shift Saturday. "I'm sure the tragic event that happened to our officers that day spurred the public to come out and give blood."

Donors are helping Favela, and the thousands of others who need blood every day.

Ted Obringer donated blood a couple times before. He felt doing it again this weekend was the right thing to do.

"It's just something that, I think, the community needs to do in situations like this," said Obringer.

And he's not the only one. More than 450-people donated blood in the last two days.

About 10-percent were first time donors. Blood Bank officials hope the momentum from this weekend, can carry on into the future.

"Everyday people need blood," said Stephanie Rosso, of the Blood Bank of Hawaii. "We hope that people will come in and try it and find out it's a really easy way to make a big difference in the lives of others in a small amount of time."

Donors say it's easy and not as painful as you think.

"Just a small prick in your arm, and in about 10 minutes you're done," said Kaholokula. "Plus you get fed for free."

And it may one day save a life.

"It's kinda weird, it takes something like this to remind you that you need to keep doing this stuff," said Obringer. "I'll be back."

The blood bank hopes many others will be too.

The blood bank on Dillingham Boulevard is open Monday through Saturday, plus the last Sunday of every month.

Appointments are recommended.