Leaky Ditch Causing Potentially Devastating Problems

Alan Strohmeyer
Alan Strohmeyer

MILILANI (KHNL) - Mililani man says a leaky drainage ditch is causing the foundation around his house to sink. He called our talk story line to tell us about it.

Alan Strohmeyer lived at the home for about 4-years.

He used to think of the mud around his Poloahilani Street house as an inconvenience. But now, he feels it could potentially be a big problem.

He accepted the fact that his yard is soggy all the time.

"365 days a year, you've got water somewhere on your property," said Strohmeyer.

He believes it's because of the Waiahole Ditch above his home. Strohmeyer says the concrete stream bed is full of cracks, and is leaking, saturating the ground below.

"The waters been running long enough, it's either gotta be the ditch or we have an underground spring here," said Strohmeyer.

But he's now concerned. Last weekend, he and his neighbor found that their retaining wall is rotten and full of holes.

"We discovered that the walls have been underwater for so long, that they're slowly deteriorated and eaten away by the water," he said.

His neighbor filled the area with concrete, but left a 3-inch drain next to the wall. Even on sunny days, water is trickling down.

"If this wall comes down, then that means my yard is gonna slide this way, and eventually my foundation," said Strohmeyer.

That means the worst case scenario, his house could shift. Even if that doesn't happen, he feels his home is still threatened. He was told termites love the saturated ground.

"So will we have those kinds of problems down the road -- we're hoping not," said Strohmeyer.

Strohmeyer says at least six other neighbors have similar problems.

The state is responsible for the ditch. Officials could not be reached for comment.