Local Wife Connects With Soldier Husband Stationed In Iraq

Amber Chandler
Amber Chandler
Sgt. Kuhio Chandler
Sgt. Kuhio Chandler

SCHOFIELD BARRACKS (KHNL) - As people get ready for tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast, some families will be far away from their loved ones. For those serving overseas, this holiday season will be different. But thanks to modern technology, families can see and talk to their loved ones in Iraq.

It's called video teleconference technology. Although it's been around a while, it's only been available to Schofield Barracks' 25th Infantry Division stationed in Iraq for only a month.

For one local woman, it's a way to see and talk to the one she loves.

Amber Chandler walked into a conference room and saw her husband's image on a large video screen.

"Hi, baby!" she greeted her husband Kuhio enthusiastically as she covered her mouth.

She misses him.

"You look good, baby," she told her U.S. Army sergeant husband as she held back her tears.

Amber hasn't seen Kuhio since he shipped out to Iraq four months ago.

"Happy Thanksgiving," Amber greeted her husband as she wipes her tears away.

This is the first Thanksgiving they're spending apart. Kuhio is focused on his mission, a one-year tour of duty in Iraq. But there are things he misses about Amber and their two-year-old son Kamalei.

"Chasing him around the house," he said. "Your laughter, Kamalei's laughter."

And there are things Amber misses about her husband.

"I miss your smile," she said. "I miss your love. I miss the way that you smell. I miss everything about you."

Kuhio says he's doing well, but misses his family.

"My brothers, Kai, Paka, Kapua, my dad, mom, my wife and my son, Kamalei and Amber. I want to tell you guys hi," he said. "We're doing good here and can't wait to come home and see you guys. I love you all. See you soon."

His family loves him as well, and are so proud of him and the rest of the troops.

"Just thank them for their courage and all that they do because without them, we would be in such a different place right now. I am so proud of them and God bless them," she said as she wipes away a tear.

A hawaii soldier fighting for our country, and a proud wife who misses her husband during the holiday season.

Amber says she will have a quiet Thanksgiving, working tomorrow. She plans to send Kuhio a Christmas care package. The Chandlers will make it up next year by having a huge Thanksgiving celebration when Kuhio comes home.