Police Chief Seeks Blood Donors For Critically Injured Officer

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Honolulu's chief of police puts out a call for blood donors, as one of his officers continues to fight for his life. The officer was badly injured while taking part in the President's motorcade Tuesday.

Solo Bike officer Steve Favela, an eight-year HPD veteran, remains in critical condition. Police say the 30-year-old husband, and father of four young children, suffered extensive injuries to his leg.

For a second day, fellow officers from the Solo Bike Detail gathered at the Queen's Medical Center. The motorcycle officers were accompanying President Bush and his entourage Tuesday.

On a turn at Hickam Air Force Base, investigators believe Favela hit a wet spot on the roadway, lost control of his bike and crashed into a curb. They say he was thrown from his motorcycle, and slammed into a light pole.

Two other officers lost control of their bikes while trying to avoid Favela. Their injuries were not as severe.

"We met with the Secret Service to look at what changes we can make," Honolulu police chief Boisse Correa said. "But this situation seems to be a situation where we practiced, we practiced and practiced before this happened. We didn't practice in the rain. And that was the big difference."

Tears welled in the chief's eyes when he talked about his critically-wounded officer. He called Favela a good man with a great family.

The chief says the hospital is in need of blood donations. Unfortunately, the Blood Bank of Hawaii will be closed for Thanksgiving. It'll re-open Friday.