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Charities Need Extra Help For the Holidays

Connie Mitchell Connie Mitchell
Beverly Rowe Beverly Rowe
Kanani Bulawan Kanani Bulawan
IHS facility in Kalihi IHS facility in Kalihi
Waianae Community Outreach needs curtains for their facility Waianae Community Outreach needs curtains for their facility

by Marvin Buenconsejo

(KHNL) As we prepare to celebrate Thursday's holiday devoted to giving thanks, we are devoting tonight's random acts of kindness to spreading good cheer. By helping charitable organizations that could use a little extra holiday boost.

There are some 4,000 homeless people, trying to survive the streets of Oahu.

Many stay in places like this one, the Institute of Human Services' facility for women and children.

Despite its relatively high profile, IHS could still use your help.

"We need canned goods. We need peanut butter," said Connie Mitchell, I.H.S. Executive Director. "We need supplies. We also have children, here. So, we need things for the kids. Formula, diapers, everything you'd think families do need, we need here."

On any given day, the Kalihi complex houses up to 150 families.

"In the past four months, we've moved an average of 5 families out of the shelter, every month. So, we're constantly moving people in. It's just really a needful time, right now."

Clear across the island, at Kalaeloa, the organization U.S. Vets, reaches out to some 300 former military personnel who are now homeless.

They, too, could use your holiday help.

"It's called Operation: Secret Santa," Beverly Rowe, of U.S. Vets-Hawaii. "It's a great way for our community and organizations to get together and adopt a vet."

Essentially, veterans fill out a christmas wish list, and folks like you and me, bring that list to life.

"Anything is appreciated. I know they appreciated it. So, thank you very much."

And one block away, the state has its recently opened, Onelauena transitional housing at Kalaeloa.

Onelauena is still a work in progress.

"People need respect, to be treated with dignity," said Kanani Bulawan, Wai'anae Community Outreach executive director. "The just need a resting place so that they can refocus and get back on track."

Make no mistake, there are dozens of organizations that could use our help.

So, during the Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps we can make some room for a "Random Act of Kindness."

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