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Wrap Up Of President Bush's Quick Hawaii Visit

Senior Airman Margaret Verica Senior Airman Margaret Verica
Kimberly Kisner Kimberly Kisner
Lionel Tagari Lionel Tagari
Lani Lisonbee Lani Lisonbee

By Paul Drewes

(KHNL) - They spent only one night here in the islands, but the first couple had a very busy schedule during their 15 hour visit.

On President Bush's brief stop in our state, he not only attended to military matters, he also took some time to show his support for our troops and he also made an impression on some of the public.

The president not only meet with military leaders, at an informal breakfast with the men and women who serve under our country's top commanders, Mr. Bush served up words of praise.

"I'm pleased to tell you the work you're doing will lead to peace for generations to come," he said.

Before the president boarded Air Force One to return home, he also shook hands with awaiting troops.

The simple act of a handshake, making a big impression.

"It was nice of him to come and shake all of our hands and know that we were standing out here and he appreciated it," says Senior Airman Margaret Verica of the US Air Force.

While the president was busy, so was First Lady Laura Bush.

She helped three students at Radford High School feel a little more at home. They're in military families and are fairly new to Hawaii.

"She made me feel so welcome that I was able to calm down, I was still excited because it was the first lady, but she made me feel like she wanted to be here, so I could calm down and just enjoy being with her," exclaims Radford High School Senior, Kimberly Kisner.

Thousands never even met the president, but his visit still had an impact on their morning commute, slowing things down to a crawl on the streets.

"I don't see why there's a reason for there to be traffic, it's only the president. You know, he's just another dude," says Lionel Tagari.

Even with the traffic, some were happy "the First Dude of the United States" made this brief visit to Hawaii.

"It says a lot about him, that he made the time to stop over in Hawaii. It definitely improved my view of him," says Manoa resident, Lani Lisonbee.

This was Mr. Bush's second visit to Hawaii as president.

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