Bush Thanks Troops Before Leaving

Senior Airman Margaret Vercial
Senior Airman Margaret Vercial

(KHNL) - Having breakfast with the troops at Hickam Air Force Base, President Bush thanked the men and woman of the U.S. Pacific Command.

"I'm pleased to tell you the work you're doing will lead to peace for generations to come," Bush said.

While praising the work of troops from Hawaii, the President spoke about those who went to Afghanistan and Iraq but never came home.

"We remember their courage. we pray for their families and their loved ones left behind and we resolve to honor their sacrifice by completing the missions for which they gave their lives," Bush said.

After his busy morning, the president returned to Hickam Air Force Base to the tarmac near Hangar 17 for his return flight home.

Hundreds of men and women from all the armed services spent hours at Hickam waiting to meet their commander in chief.

"We were all standing in a mass for quite some time, kept watching for the motorcade to come," said Staff Sgt. Michael Addams. "Finally saw it coming, everyone just sort of rushes up towards the fence."

The President spent a few minutes shaking hands and exchanging greetings, thanking the troops for their service.

"I shook his hand and Laura's hand and Condoleeza's hand, so that was awesome," said Senior Airman Margaret Vercial.

The President finally boarded air force one, offering one last wave before heading back to washington.

"it was nice of him to come and shake all of our hands and know that we were standing out here and he appreciated it," Verical said.