President's Visit Stirs Up Mixed Feelings

Lionel Tagari
Lionel Tagari
Juanita Kawamoto
Juanita Kawamoto

(KHNL) - The President's visit shut down some Oahu roads, the same time many were heading to work.

It took some drivers hours to get to downtown Honolulu.

And they're expressing mixed feelings about the President's visit.

"I felt horrible, man. Traffic was horrendous this morning," said Lionel Tagari, driver.

It took Tagari 1 to 2 hours to get from Ewa to Honolulu. He didn't know why traffic was bad, until he got to work.

"I don't see why there's a reason for there to be traffic, it's only the President. You know, he's just another dude," said Tagari.

But many others were well aware of the President's visit. Employees with "Fresh From the Farm" even changed their schedule, purposely arriving at the Fort Street Mall Open Market, later than usual.

"It hurt our business a little bit, of course the earlier you come, the more benefits you get from being able to set up and sell a lot sooner," said Juanita Kawamoto, spokesperson.

But she says, losing 5-10% of business is worth it. Others also say they're happy about Mr. Bush's trip.

"It says a lot about him that he made the time to stop over in Hawaii. It definitely improved my view of him," said Lani Lisonbee, Manoa resident.

"I feel that the President coming to Hawaii is a big thing for me," said Loriann Pasa, Honolulu resident.

But others say his stop in the Aloha State, isn't changing their opinion of him.

"No, not really, I don't think much could," said Charli Draper, Honolulu resident.

Some people we talked to say they were disappointed that President Bush didn't stay very long and didn't make a lot of stops while he was here.