Officers Injured In Motorcade Mishap

Capt. Frank Fujii
Capt. Frank Fujii
President Bush Checks Status of Injured Officers
President Bush Checks Status of Injured Officers

(KHNL) -- The president's layover in Hawaii ended Tuesday morning with three Honolulu police officers being rushed to the hospital. One of the officers is in critical condition.

It all happened after the Presidential motorcade arrived at Hickam Air Force Base.

The three wounded officers are with the Honolulu Police Department's Solo Bike Detail. Two were treated for their injuries and are resting at home. But the third had to be rushed into emergency surgery.

The pictures tell the story. Police officers sprawled across a grassy median. Their banged-up motorcycles laying on their sides.

"We're all very saddened," Capt. Frank Fujii, Honolulu Police Department, said. "We're all very concerned, and we all pray for a speedy recovery."

The Solo Bike Detail was accompanying President Bush and his entourage. On a turn at Hickam Air Force Base, police say an officer hit a wet spot on the roadway, lost control of his motorcycle and crashed into a curb. Then,

"Units two and three, in efforts to avoid colliding with the unit one that was down on the ground, also lost control of their bikes," Fujii said.

One of the officers is in critical condition. Investigators say the eight-year police veteran slammed into either a pole or a tree.

"When we talk about the Solo Bike assignment, number one, it's considered a hazardous assignment," Fujii said. "You know, the officers take it because they love riding motorcycles."

And they become part of an elite team responsible for moving the most powerful man in the world around.

"For anybody to be called upon to do a job like they were performing this morning, it's an extremely important job," Fujii said.

Even if there's a crash, the Presidential motorcade must continue on. But later, before he boarded Air Force One, Mr. Bush asked to speak with a Honolulu police Major. He wanted to know if the officers were all right.

"You know, the President was very concerned," Fujii said.

Police say Monday night, another Solo Bike officer assigned to escort the President was injured. He hurt his wrist while trying to make a U-turn on some loose gravel at Pearl Harbor.

That brings to four the number of officers injured during the President's brief visit.