Everyday Heroes: Animal Foster Care

Pamela Degrossa
Pamela Degrossa

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It's a job that definitely gets a little "hairy at times.  And those who one volunteer helps never say a word of thanks.  But that hasn't stopped one "Everyday Hero" from giving her time to her own "pet" project.

The Hawaiian Humane Society has some dog gone good volunteers who help to put animals into just the right home.

"The better the match the happier everyone will be, the happier the animal, healthier for the animal and happier for the people that have the animal," Humane Society Volunteer, Pamela Degrossa says.

Pamela also helps make sure pets and their new owners stay happy after the adoption.  Helpline phone calls can make the difference between a well adjusted home and pets returning to the pound.

"If people and their pets aren't matched well," Degrossa says, "both their lives are miserable or can be miserable or at least their not as happy as they could be,"

So every week, Pamela is there patiently listening to pet issues, and offering solutions.  But this is just one volunteer job she's been doing for seven years at the Humane Society.

She also takes care of foster animals which are too sick to be adopted, or are too young.  They are nursed back to health and are then ready for permanent homes.

"The foster animals are really good to adopt because they've been socialized by people taking care of them they have a really good start in life," Degrossa says.

It's a labor of love each time Pamela is there, with pets big or small.  While the little animals can't even say a little "thanks" for her help, knowing she's made a difference in their furry lives is what keeps Pamela coming back to help.

"Animals don't need to express their gratitude.  If they're happy then that's good enough for me."