Woman's Body Found Near Keehi Lagoon

Mark Villamor
Mark Villamor
Kawika Morgan
Kawika Morgan

(KHNL) - The body discovered late Sunday afternoon appears to match some of the physical traits of a missing woman. But she was too decomposed to make positive identification.

It wasn't like Norla Kaleo to not come home. Family friend Mark Villamor says, "as far as leaving all of a sudden and not coming back, that's out of the blue."

Thursday night her family reported her missing. Villamor adds, "We are worried want to locate her first then find out why."

Later her car was found near Nimitz Highway and Lagoon Drive.

There was some damage to the front end. Inside her purse and some Christmas Cards

Police described her as distraught and they asked for the publics help in locating her.

Her family organized a search party including friends from her dad's motorcycle club. Villamor explains, "Our cousins are looking and posting fliers."

After looking all day they followed a foul odor Sunday afternoon and a body was found in a streambed near the disabled American Veterans Memorial in Keehi Lagoon.

Kawika Warren found the body, "We spent the morning Chinatown, Nuuanu worked our way back here."

Clearly shaken by the discovery, "We are hoping it's not the body but it doesn't look good."

While it appears to be the missing woman, that has to be confirmed by the medical examiner.

There do not appear to be any signs of foul play but still lots of unanswered questions.

"It's good to have closure, so that's probably what we're gonna work on from here. After the autopsy, find out what happened. Try and put the pieces back together."

Police want to talk with anyone who may have seen the disoriented victim walking along Nimitz Highway Thursday. Call Crimestoppers at 955-8300.