Bull Riding Takes Center Stage On Oahu

Austin Meier
Austin Meier
Bud Gibson
Bud Gibson

(KHNL) - Austin Meier is from Oklahoma and a bit out of his element here in Waimanalo.

Meier explained, "For an Okie, I don't see the ocean very often."

He's one of 20 professional bull riders competing.

"If you're fearless, no holds barred. You go at them as hard as you can and you don't quit," explained Meier.

On this day he sizes up his competition.

"There's actually three of them- Ditto, Repeat and Pete."

37 bulls from across the country were brought into Hawaii.

But there's also local talent.

Stable owner Bud Gibson says 15 are from Hawaii.

"I always tease the Texans, because in Hawaii we had cattle before they had cattle in Texas," joked Gibson, the owner of Town and Country Stables.

Some think the key to bull riding is who stays on longest.

But you actually need to hang on for just 8 seconds to be scored.

Meier added, "Sometimes when you're riding, it can seem like a real long time, especially if you're hung up, dragging around the arena."

A perfect score is 100

"It's a lot on style, how pretty you make ride, how in control you are."

Bull riding takes center stage on Oahu Friday.

According to Meier, "How many people get to say, 'Hey, I rode bulls in Hawaii'."