State Checks Accuracy Of Beverage Container Counts

Scott Dosick
Scott Dosick

(KHNL) - The state takes six cents and promises to give back five. But some people participating in the HI-5 recycling program say they're being shortchanged. Now, a study to address that concern is underway.

Ken Bernhardy brought several bags of bottles and cans to the Hickam Air Force Base redemption center Thursday. He counted them one by one so he could get his full refund.

Some say they get shortchanged when they bring in 50 or more beverage containers. Instead of counting them and paying five cents for each one, workers at redemption centers can ballpark the number based on weight.

This week, state health officials and their consultant from California are checking the accuracy of the counts. The team plans to visit 25 redemption sites, and sample more than 15,000 bottles and cans.

"We weigh them, we count them, and thus determine what the number of containers in a given pound of plastic, aluminum or glass are to help determine if the rates need to be changed," Scott Dosick, consultant, said.

California's bottle law has been in place for more than 20 years.

The consultant says if the survey determines a new rate structure is necessary, one should be ready at the start of the new year.