Relatively Affordable

We are starting to hear more and more about concrete plans, literally concrete, to build low-income housing on Oahu. Condominiums from A& B Properties, transitional housing from the City, ideas from the State, all are welcome signs that the welcome mat might finally be out to help lessen Hawaii's housing crunch.

The private sector has to believe that these units will be a worthwhile investment, it's only fair.  The City or State providing land or reasonable leasehold plans to allow for the development of units along with parking, nearby residents and businesses that see the value in adding these units- it all has to come together for these plans to work.

The best news is that there are real plans, drawings, financing, etc., so this is not just some conceptual pipedream.  Perhaps step by step, most if not all, of these units will get built in the near future.  Any solution is better than the status quo, with more talk about the need to do "something".   A combination of public and private sector investment is a very positive sign today.  The sooner the better... Think About It...