Thanks on Thanksgiving

It's that time of year when everyone gives thanks, gives good thoughts, good tidings, and perhaps gives something to those less fortunate in our community.  It's a symbolic time and an annual period to allow for reflection of ourselves, our lives, our friends, family and cohorts.

Those who can help out, must help out.  Those who can give of themselves or their resources must do so.  Those who can impart their wisdom and vision to make for a better community, a better home, and a better relationship with anyone should certainly do so.  And now is a great time to do it, as we all step back, however briefly, and give thanks for those things and those people that make things better in our world.

Be thankful, be humble, be appreciative, be productive, be tolerant, and find ways in which you can make a positive difference in people's lives- big or small. In doing so, your time will probably end up being well spent on this planet.  Happy Thanksgiving, Hawai'i.  Think about it...