Troop and Political Movements

The impact of troops going to and from the Middle East has obvious implications for Hawaii.  With the Democrats now in charge of the U.S. House and Senate, there are signs that some sort of timetable for troop reductions will be forthcoming, heading into 2007.

Immediate concerns remain- what will happen to Iraq in the years ahead with Iran and Syria watching our every move and Iraq's every move?  Will civil war become an inevitability, and what will those countries around Iraq say and do?  What will it be like for our troops on the ground as the numbers of their compatriots lessen when a withdrawal begins?  Will our troops be brought home or moved into other areas of concern?  These are all questions with major implications locally, nationally, and internationally, as we move into the new political era in Washington.

Let's hope that bi-partisanship truly means working together to come up with solutions that make the most sense for everyone, and not solutions that best get people re-elected a couple of years from now.  This country deserves and needs to be brought together, not pulled apart by the extremes in either party.  Think about it...