More Than Food For Thought

You probably can't do single-handedly help with the homeless situation in Hawai'i; you probably can't single-handedly affect major issues like traffic and education woes.  But there is one area where you can make an immediate difference- and that's through food donations.  The need for emergency food distribution is increasing, with number of people fed this year up at least 10 % over five years ago.

The lines grow longer as the needs grow larger.  The need for food is an obvious by-product of the homeless situation for individuals and families throughout our islands, and you can make a difference, starting tomorrow.  Call the local foodbank on your island.  Please do it now- find a few cans, some rice, some fresh produce, to help someone this week.  When you get that two-for-one special deal at your friendly supermarket, give one item up for the needy.

The Hawaii Foodbank on Oahu says there has been a recent decrease in donations, and we simply can't let that continue. So do something to make a difference, tomorrow.  Please act; it's simple, and it helps; don't just think about it...