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Man Attends Maui Wedding After Being Bitten By Shark

Kyle Gruen Kyle Gruen
Donald Cole and Kyle Gruen Donald Cole and Kyle Gruen
Jeff and Kyle Gruen were on Maui to attend a wedding Jeff and Kyle Gruen were on Maui to attend a wedding
Kamaole Beach Park Kamaole Beach Park

KAHULUI, Maui (KHNL) - A Canadian man attacked by a shark this past Saturday in the waters off Kihei, Maui described the frightening incident Tuesday. And despite his injuries, he did so with a pretty good sense of humor.

23 year-old Kyle Gruen of Vancouver, British Columbia returned to Maui Memorial Hospital Tuesday. This past Saturday he was rushed to the emergency room in the same facility after an encounter he won't soon forget.

"As far as I remember I was about to dive down to actually look at the fish when I got hit on the side. I didn't see the shark coming at me. I got hit from the side and felt him clamp down with a lot of force... and it was all reflex from there, pretty much. I twisted away and tried to push away from him. I guess it was probably a fight or flight kind of thing.  Or maybe it was a little bit of Chuck Norris in me. I don t know".

Gruen was admiring fish on a coral reef about 30 to 40 feet offshore of Kamaole Beach Park, when the shark grabbed him. Bandages now cover the wound that extends from his thigh all the way up towards his crotch. His hand also was injured.

Gruen and his twin brother Jeff traveled to Maui to be in a wedding that happened Monday.

Tuesday he met Donald Cole. The man who helped bring him ashore after the attack.

"I wanted to see you and make sure you were doing good" said Cole.

"I wanted to thank you for the help" said Gruen.

Gruen now returns to Canada with the physical reminders of his trip to Maui, but he also carries a memory that will last a lifetime.

"I was wearing goggles, so I got to see him. I got to see his face, actually as he was turning away. I'm thinking he was as scared of me as I was of him" said Gruen with a laugh.

Maui Memorial released Kyle in time for him to make the wedding. This was the fourth shark attack in Hawaiian waters in 2006.

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