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Killing of Pet Pig on Kauai Prompts Call for Stricter Cruelty Laws

Kipu lived as a pet for years on a Kilauea farm Kipu lived as a pet for years on a Kilauea farm
Kipu as a piglet Kipu as a piglet
Earl Simpson Earl Simpson
Wendy Rausch Wendy Rausch
Kipu the pig Kipu the pig

By: Leland Kim

KILAUEA, Kauai (KHNL) - The killing of a beloved pet pig named "Porky" here on O'ahu prompted national organizations to call for stricter animal cruelty laws in Hawai'i.

Now a Kaua'i family is suffering a similar loss. Their pet pig "Kipu" was also killed by poachers.

He, like Porky, was loved by his owners who'd raised him since he was a baby.

"He was placed in my arms at about six weeks of age and he had me at his first grunt," said Wendy Rausch, Kipu's former owner.

Rausch cared for Kipu for more than 12 years.

She gave him up when she moved out of her Kapa'a beach home.

"I ran into Wendy and Wendy had this giant pig that turned out to be a perfect animal for my horse to relate to," said Earl Simpson, Kipu's most recent owner.

Simpson took care of Kipu at his Kilauea farm. Then, one day in August, "I heard a shot," said Simpson. "And then I heard another shot and another squeal."

One of the shots hit Kipu. Simpson found two teenagers on his yard.

Simpson says the two men were at this adjacent property when they climbed over that fence to get to Kipu.

"When I found them, they were standing over him. And of course, I started yelling at them and freaking out," said Simpson.

Earl dislocated his shoulder struggling with the suspects. Kipu initially survived the attack, then became sicker, losing more than 50 pounds.

"The week that I actually had my surgery was when he died," said Simpson. "I came back and I found him."

Rausch is outraged.

"For people to feel entitled to jump fences, wielding weapons, whether they be guns or knives, against defenseless animals is unconscionable," she said.

Simpson hopes this is a call for parents to teach their kids about the fundamentals of hunting.

"If you're going to let your kid hunt, they need to know the rules," he said. "They need to have respect for property and not trespassing when hunting.

Like Porky's owners, Kipu's owners say they want tougher animal cruelty laws in Hawai'i.

The Kaua'i Humane Society is involved. It hopes the publicity of the deaths of Kipu and Porky will prevent further incidents like this from happening.

No formal charges have been filed against the Kipu's suspected killers but Simpson said he will press charges.

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