Locals Relate to Samoan Wedding Movie

Tina Kuhiiki
Tina Kuhiiki

HONOLULU (KHNL) - A New Zealand movie shown at the Hawaii International Film Festival is getting high ratings, and is now, being thrust into the national spotlight.

The movie "Sione's Wedding" received so much positive feedback from audiences that major film distributor Magnolia Pictures has acquired the film.  The comedy is about four Samoan men forced to change their ways so they can attend their friend's wedding.

"I thought it was funny it's a good movie actually. They tapped on the local family but Samoan basically. Being brought up in the islands you can kind of relate to it" says moviegoer Tina Kuhiiki.

The film has grossed more than three million dollars since it opened at the box office in New Zealand.  And it's bound to rack up even more sales when it hits theaters in Los Angeles in the coming weeks.