Thousands Were Without Water In Ewa Beach

Raymond Rentiquiano
Raymond Rentiquiano
Lio Soa
Lio Soa
Florence Rivera
Florence Rivera
Chopper 8 over the construction site on Fort Weaver road where the break occurred
Chopper 8 over the construction site on Fort Weaver road where the break occurred

By Paul Drewes

Update: The Board of Water Supply reports that the broken water main was fixed at 2:30 AM and that water was restored at 4:30 AM Tuesday morning.

EWA (KHNL) - A contractor's mistake means a West Oahu community has gone dry for the night.

Thousands of Ewa Beach residents have been without water since Monday afternoon.

That mistake ripped open a 36 inch watermain and also opened up a whole set of problems for about 3600 residents.

For some a night without water is a minor inconvenience.

But for others, the prospect of no showers or flushing reminds them how important water is.

The damaged watermain is gushing water at full blast.

But because of the break on Fort Weaver Road, those that live in this Ewa Beach community now have little to no water coming out of their pipes.

" I came home from practice and I wanted to take a shower but I got in an it didn't work real well," said Ewa Beach Resident Raymond Rentiquiano.

Some are even forced to head out of the community to carry on with their normal evening routines.

"My cousins came home and couldn't shower so they went to Waipahu to shower and came back here to sleep," said resident Lio Soa.

Even without water, there is still the threat of fires for the Ewa Beach community, so a 1500 gallon water tanker was brought to the fire station from Waipahu, just in case of emergency.

Some aren't worried about the big threats on this night without water, but rather, the little late night emergencies in the bathroom.

"My concern is for bathroom , I have young ones that have to use the bathroom so hopefully we have a water wagon," said Florence Rivera, of Ewa Beach.

While the break is being repaired, water wagons have been set up on Papipi Road, at the Ewa Beach Community Park and also roving around the affected communities.

In order to repair that main pipe, crews will have to weld a patch over the gapping hole.

That's something they hope to have in place by Tuesday morning.