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Waikiki Beach Boys Want To Operate A Concession Stand

Uncle Gil Uncle Gil
Bobby Ah Chow Bobby Ah Chow

By: Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - The beach boys have been a fixture in Waikiki ever since Waikiki emerged as a tourist destination. But four longtime beach boys have died in recent months and those remaining are rallying for what was promised them.

Everyday hundreds of tourists try to catch a wave with the help of a surf instructor.

But the world famous beach boys are a dying breed.

"Why don't we keep the tradition going great Hawaiian type tradition if Duke Kahanamoku were alive he'd be crying becasue slowing being inched out we are gonna loose the aloha charm really soon," Beach Boy Uncle Gil. 

More than a decade ago beach boys fought and won a stand to call their own. After paying their bills the profits were to benefit their retirement and medical expenses.

"All I'm asking the Mayor give us a chance to revive what the beach boy non-profit concession originally stated set up by legislature tha'ts all we ask," Bobby Ah Chow.

Bobby Ah Chow doesn't surf much now. He has cancer, "I'm 65 years old and I"m sick."

The city closed the stand because the former operator was in breach of contract.

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