Auto Cool: Sort of Works

Jackie Young gets in a hot car.
Jackie Young gets in a hot car.

(KHNL) - While the heat of the day has cooled off now, when the midday sun was scorching, getting into these cars could have been a painful experience. We found a special fan that claims to beat the heat, and put it to the test in this week's Does It Work.

Auto Cool is solar powered so it doesn't need batteries, and it works by blowing hot air out of your car. We put it to the test. We found a car that was cooking in the parking lot and had Jackie Young climb in. Then we had her put the Auto Cool on an open window with the fan on the inside and add the weather stripping. Seems simple enough, except that turned into a chore.

While the more sun the better for this product, just make sure there won't be any rain because when we rolled up the window, there was a small gap in the weather stripping. That allows hot air to come out of the car and while it didn't do too much to cool things off, it did help on a hot day. Says Young as she climbed in a car we let heat up for 20 minutes, "Oh, this feels a little bit better."

Taking the Auto Cool off is easy, but putting it on was work. So if you are going to be leaving your car for a couple of hours it may be worth it, but if its only going to be in the sun for a short time, I'd just crack the windows.

If you'd like an Auto Cool of your own, you can find them at the As Seen On TV store for about $20.