Some Hope For 600 People On The Surfboard Locker Wait List

Karen Schmidt is a surfer on the wait list
Karen Schmidt is a surfer on the wait list
Bruce Vannatta doesn't want to wait years on the wait list
Bruce Vannatta doesn't want to wait years on the wait list

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - There are over 600 people on a waiting list to get a surfboard locker in Waikiki.

Now the City is considering some major changes to the system. Council Members are considering a bill to help advance the wait list.

The people with surfboard lockers in Waikiki seem set for life. But for the hundreds of people on the wait list, Bill 67 may be the answer to their prayers.

Some surfers say the wait list is flawed.

Surfer Karen Schmidt worries, "My status now I don't know. I kept calling the City asking when is my name coming up, my name has been on for four years, five years. I called and they said it's coming soon. Then when the other guy took over he said you name isn't on the wait list.

Many have lost hope of renting a locker "Right now I feel like giving up. I put my name on the list again but I don't know what's going to happen."

Bruce Vannatta says "It's an 11 foot board. I've been surfing in Waikiki and I live in Diamond Head head. Beth asks, Is it fun to lug it around? No, I feel it's bad for my back and shoulder I would love to have a locker closer to Waikiki."

Under the proposal, each surfer could only have one locker. And the distribution would include the handicapped and the elderly.

Vannatta adds, "Sounds like it's a move in the right direction to let more people in there especially the seniors and disabled. "

But lease times will be reduced. Schmidt explains, , "I feel hurt and sad for old timers they are tying to make more money on it and change rules all old timers 85 years old had locker forever. "

And with 600 people on the wait list, Bruce Vannatta is resigned to the fact he may be an old man before he gets one, "I hope to get a locker sometime hopefully when I am a senior"

Those lucky enough to have a locker may face a rental increase to help fund upkeep.