The Team Is Home. But Where Are The Fans?

Brenda Pa'ahana
Brenda Pa'ahana

By Joann Shin

(KHNL) - The University of Hawaii warrior football team is on fire, but ticket sales remain lukewarm.

The warriors host Louisiana Tech Saturday night and would like to see more fans in the stands.

On Friday night, high school football was king.

As fans came to Aloha Stadium for the OIA Championships.

But the question is will UH fans have the same enthusiasm come tomorrow.

So far, ticket sales have been down, but some fans says that should change.

Brenda Pa'ahana doesn't just like football, she loves it!

Friday night she's here for her grandson who's playing in the OIA high school championships.

But she's also a diehard warrior fan.

Even so, she doesn't always make it to the home games.

"Forgive me June Jones, but I'm a big fan of the UH," said Pa'ahana.

And she's not alone.

Ticket sales are down.

So far in the warriors four home games this year, an average of only about 32,000 tickets have been soon.

Aloha Stadium holds up to 50-thousand.

Some say tickets are too expensive.

"The ticket prices were one of it, then there was the parking," said Warrior fan Erminie Reyes. "When they're really good and there's a lot of crowd coming out there's not enough parking."

Others say they'd rather watch the game at home on pay-per-view.

"Out here if you come down, you may not get the same parking," said fan Jesse Doctolero. "At home, you can bring everything out to the garage, get the whole family together."

But the Warriors are gaining momentum.

With a record of 7 and 2, one of the country's best offenses and a QB being mentioned as a Heisman candidate, some say it could mean more fans heading to aloha stadium.

Hopefully fans as enthusiastic as Pa'ahana.

"They got everything going for them there ain't nothing stopping them," she told us.

As of Thursday, 25,000 have been sold for Saturday's game

But school officials expect walk up sales.