College Golfer's Clubs Stolen

(KHNL) - Hawaii student is traveling to Las Vegas to compete in a nationally televised golf tournament.

But Abel Soares is leaving without the thing he needs the most,  his set of golf clubs.

His $2,000 set of clubs was stolen yesterday while he was at a North Shore beach on Oahu.

"When I got out of the water yesterday, I had my car parked here where the station wagon is, I noticed the window was open, not open, but broken. I noticed all the glass on the ground," he said.

His car was parked along Kamehameha Highway. He spent an hour and a half at the surf spot, Velzyland. During that time, someone broke into his Nissan Sentra.

"All the things I noticed missing was my cell phone, wallet, school bag with textbooks in it," said Soares.

His set of Titleist clubs was hidden in the trunk.

"I was just astonished that they were gone," he said.

The 20-year-old is competing in a national tournament next week. But he'll be using clubs that he's borrowing from friends.

"Makes it a little harder to go over there but it'll probably make me focus a little bit more knowing that I have to go over there and get used to these new golf clubs," he said.

This wasn't an isolated incident. Honolulu Police tell Soares that on the same day, thieves broke into 10 cars in the North Shore area.

Soares will return to this spot, but says he won't drive around with such valuable items and will be more aware of his surroundings.