Poacher Arrested In Pet Pig Death

Joseph Calarruda
Joseph Calarruda
Detective Randall Borges
Detective Randall Borges
"Porky" was so gentle he appeared in a TV commercial
"Porky" was so gentle he appeared in a TV commercial
Police say Calarruda stabbed Porky to death in the garage of his owner's home
Police say Calarruda stabbed Porky to death in the garage of his owner's home

Nov 9, 2006 07:31 PM

by Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) -  Police arrest a man for killing a Mililani pet pig named Porky. This is a story you saw first on KHNL News 8 late last month.

The suspect turned himself in at the Wahiawa police station last night.

He could have faced misdemeanors like trespassing and cruelty to animals but instead he's arrested for felony theft.

Two weeks after his death Detective Randall Borges makes an arrest in Porky's case. "A suspect turned himself into me here at the Wahiawa Station and I place him under arrest for the crime of theft of livestock."

The orphaned pig was raised by a Mililani farming family as their pet.

So tame, he appeared in a television commercial.

So friendly, he slept outside their doorstep.

He was killed by poachers who snuck onto the property.

Borges explains, "We take this very serious, that's why we conducted this whole investigation and charges against the suspect. It is a serious matter theft of livestock and not only that, this animal was their pet, it was their pet. He not only took a piece of livestock but their family pet so it's very tragic."

28 year old Joseph Calarruda is in custody.

His criminal history includes kidnapping, assault, abuse and parole violations.

KHNL Reporter Beth Hillyer explains, "Porky's owner says it's good news about the arrest but it doesn't erase the sadness about the death of his beloved pet pig."

"It's not going to bring the pet back, porky back but we are thankful something has been done"

News of the boar's death has reached Washington, DC. The Humane Society of the United States faxed a letter to Honolulu Prosecutor Peter Carlise demanding justice.

Dale Bartlett says, "This is a crime that is especially brutal and egregious. The guy stabbed the pig repeatedly in front of people who are saying please stop that's my pet pig, so we feel cruelty charges need to be added."

But Hawaii is only one of eight states without a felony animal cruelty law.

Porky's owner adds, "Number one you can't just get a slap on the wrist if you kill someone's animal. Hopefully all the states can have this law."

Porky's owner says he will let the Humane Society use porky to lobby for stricter cruelty laws.

If convicted of stealing livestock, Joseph Calarruda could face up to five years in prison.