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Police Crack Down On Speeders During Deadly Year

Nelda Riveral Nelda Riveral
Jayppy Riveral and Joahl Mirafuentes, Jayppy Riveral and Joahl Mirafuentes,
Patty Dukes Patty Dukes

By: Minna Sugimoto

(KHNL) -- Drivers beware. With speed being involved in nearly half of this year's deadly crashes, Honolulu police have put together a special team that will be out in full force, tagging traffic law violators.

These days, it seems everyone's in a rush to get somewhere. Now, more than ever, it could cost you. Beginning Thursday night, it's zero tolerance for speeders.

A mother in agony.

"I just trying to be strong for my son 'cause I know he needs me," Nelda Riveral said October 30.

Her son was critically injured when he crashed his car on the Moanalua Freeway last month. Police say speed played a role.

Jayppy Riveral survived. But his girlfriend, 19-year-old Joahl Mirafuentes, was killed.

"Everything we see a patient who's been injured or killed, we relate it back to somebody we know," Patty Dukes, Honolulu Emergency Medical Services chief, said. "And it's emotionally draining on everybody."

Police now say enough is enough. The department has formed a special task force of officers. The team will hit Oahu's roadways with the mission of slowing drivers down.

"This is the largest task force since my administration," Boisse Correa, Honolulu Police Chief, said. "And it's officers that were pulling from other elements within the police department, and we tell them to go out there and get strong and diligent on enforcement."

So far this year, 82 people have died on Oahu's roads. That's the highest number of traffic fatalities on the island in the past decade. The task force's goal is to reduce that, and reduce the pain and suffering for victims' families.

"For us, when business is slow, business is good," Dukes said.

The cost of a speeding ticket depends on how fast you were going. It's basically five dollars for each mile you're over the posted speed limit, plus an additional 47- to 57-dollar administration fee.

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