Some Wahiawa Residents Say Lake Wilson Is Being Neglected

Alan Smith
Alan Smith

LAKE WILSON (KHNL) - An aquatic weed threatened to shut down Lake Wilson more than four years ago. The Department of Land and Natural Resources and other agencies took care of the problem.

But some residents say the government also left behind some lingering problems.

Lake Wilson is calm and serene today. But its beauty can be misleading. Some say it is a popular site for people wanting to dump their junk.

"I've seen a skeleton car, I've seen a stove, an icebox. I've seen a water heater. I've seen tires. I've seen balls floating," said Alan Smith, who lives near Lake Wilson.

Besides tires and empty bottles left behind by locals, people who live near the lake say government agencies are also guilty of leaving trash behind, like long orange and yellow floatation devices that lie at the edge of the lake.

"The stuff has been here for about four or five years," said an anonymous Lake Wilson resident. "They came in when they had the big problem with the so-called lily pads out here."

Crews finished the project in the middle of 2003, but residents say the workers never cleaned up the pontoons.

"It's always just laid right there. It hasn't moved," said the anonymous resident.

Some have called DLNR to have the floatation devices removed, but so far - no response.

"That's just a product of our good tax payers' dollars just laying on the side of the road doing nothing," he said.

Folks who live nearby say they want the pontoons gone and the lake cleaned up.

"Would we like to see it gone? Sure," said the anonymous resident.

"I would hope that they clean it out and they would basically clean up the polluted water," said Smith.

A clean up project, these people hope, happens soon.

A DLNR spokesperson said she is not sure why the floatation devices have been sitting there all this time. She will give us an update on Thursday.