Outdoor Circle Wants Signs Removed

Bob Loy
Bob Loy

(KHNL) - The election season is over but those campaign signs are still scattered across the state.

One group is trying to change that.

The Outdoor Circle is asking all candidates to take their signs down today.

"They're an eyesore in the community, in many neighborhoods, people have taken the attitude that if one sign is good, 15 signs is better," said Bob Loy with the Outdoor Circle.

In other states across the country, there are laws that limit the number of signs a candidate can put up and where they can place them. But in Hawaii, there are no strict guidelines.

"We believe that the Legislature should step up now, take a look at what's happening in our community and act to make Hawaii the kind of place where campaign signs are allowed but controlled so that we protect the beautiful environment of our city," said Loy.

Most of the people we talked to agree.

"I guess they should be placed somewhere else, not at homes, yeah," said a Kahala resident.

But some don't care.

"It doesn't matter, whenever they feel like it," said another resident, when asked when the candidates should remove their signs.

The Outdoor Circle isn't looking to get rid of these signs, they just want to put some kind of restriction on them.