Waikiki Is A Paradise For Homeless

Megan Johnson
Megan Johnson
Karl Kim
Karl Kim

Waikiki is considered paradise to tourists and a haven for the homeless.

"It's a very unique area. Waikiki has a lot of tourists, there's a lot of open area, and it's a very friendly place for homeless people to be," explained Megan Johnson, an Urban and Regional planning graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Johnson is part of the team of students who set out to tackle this tough issue.

She said, "It's hard to figure what are their needs. There's not a lot of services in the area, but still there a lot of homeless there."

The study found there are close to 300 homeless in Waikiki.

44 percent of them are disabled and about a third have jobs.

More than 40 percent live on the streets because they were evicted or can't pay rent.

Professor Karl Kim says the next step is to put this study to use.

Kim said, "Working to propose the different alternatives and solutions and hopefully to make a contribution in improving the situation."

Johnson said, "I hope it will benefit the homeless and the other people in Waikiki, the business owners, tourists, everyone."