Group Calls For State Probe Into GO! Airlines

Randall Cummings
Randall Cummings

(KHNL) - Employees with Aloha, Island Air and Hawaiian Airlines are calling for a state probe into competitor Go Airlines.

Pilots, flight attendants and others rallied at the State Capitol Wednesday afternoon. The workers say Go's parent company, Mesa Air Group, is offering low fares with the sole purpose of putting their carriers out of business.

The group calls Mesa's actions illegal and anti-competitive, and is asking the state Attorney General to investigate.

"Mesa has been dumping tickets in Hawaii at well below cost, well below their mainland prices," Randall Cummings, pilot, said. "An airline is made up of employees not airplanes, whereas Mesa is competing with their millions. And they can keep on losing money and throwing money at this market until one of us goes out of business."

Go Airlines has said its goal is to provide the best product and, in turn, create competition.

The Attorney General has not yet responded to the investigation request.