Veterans' Values

Tomorrow is Veterans' day,  a day to honor all of America's war veterans, it is a day meant to humbly honor and acknowledge those who have fought for our liberties.  Whether or not you believe in the policies and political posturing that puts our nation's military in harms' way from time to time, these are people we are acknowledging tomorrow, not policies, parties, or posturing. November 11th is a poignant moment in time for everyone to realize that there is a price for freedom and for the many things we have that we take for granted in our country.

Veterans' day is not about political sides, it's not about mindless media pundits who make their living through over-hyped exaggerations and generalizations, by gnawing on and driving a wedge in the differences in belief systems throughout this country, a country which has always tolerated different beliefs and viewpoints.  Keep in mind, we were founded by unhappy dissidents.

There really are no red states or blue states.  There are shades in between everywhere.  Perhaps all states are really purple, with a bunch of kinda red people and a bunch of kinda blue people. But veterans do the job they are required to do; and in the end, they have no color, they work for all of us.  Thank them tomorrow, and think about it...