Election Results

Did you have an enjoyable experience at the polls?  I mean, did you get your ballot quickly and were there enough ballots for everyone?  Were the poll workers helpful?  Did you really understand the charter amendment issues?  If so, sign up for mensa, the society for really smart people.  Wow, I know democracy can be complicated, but I never thought I'd need an interpreter in the voting booth with me.

Not too many surprises on the local level.  Perhaps that's one of the things that keeps our voting numbers so low- people simply think things won't or can't change.  Or, perhaps they see the alternatives to the status quo and are decidedly underwhelmed.  It's an imperfect system, but of course, we're an imperfect race- mankind- so perhaps we get what we deserve in our winners, our losers, and our system.

But one thing is for sure, if you simply didn't vote, please hold back your comments- if you chose not to be involved on Election day, then don't bother getting involved today or in the coming months with your displeasures.  Think about it...