Hogue Concedes 2nd Congressional District Race

Bob Hogue
Bob Hogue

by Paul Drewes

KAILUA, Oahu (KHNL) - He was the underdog in this election, a relatively new politician. A Republican facing a former lieutenant governor, who like the majority of the state, is a Democrat

But unlike sports stories that have the underdog pulling out a miraculous win, former sports caster Bob Hogue's run for the 2nd Congressional District falls way short of the mark.

After the polls closed, the windward headquarters of Hogue was filled with optimism.

After all, the state senator had beaten a well known political opponent, who spent much more on campaigning in the primary election, just to get here.

When the first printout came out, supporters expressed their disappointment but were still hopeful this sports fan and coach, would have a stronger second half and pull out a win.

But as the night went on, by the second printout, it was clear state senator Bob Hogue will not be going to congress.

And he ends this campaign as it began -- with a positive message.

"Mazie Hirono is the person the people have selected to go to congress. I congratulate her on her victory. I appreciate the people who stood by me and continue to do so as we move on with our lives." says Hogue.

And as Bob Hogue moves on with his life, it will be out of politics, at least temporarily, as he gave up his seat in the senate to run for the US congress.