Akaka Going Back To Washington

Sen. Dan Akaka
Sen. Dan Akaka
Sen. Dan Inouye
Sen. Dan Inouye

by Darren Pai

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Months of campaigning came to a familiar end for Dan Akaka. The 82 year old senator is headed back to Washington D.C.

"I want to thank the people of Hawaii, my supporters hundreds of them across the state," Akaka said. "They all worked so hard, my campaign people. And this is the result."

Akaka said he looks forward to returning to the nation's capital. With democrats sweeping congressional seats across the country, Akaka says opportunity is waiting.

"That would be so terrific. this would mean that hawaii would have two chairmen," Akaka said.

Senior Sen. Dan Inouye anticipates Akaka would head the veteran's affairs committee while he would handle defense appropriations and commerce and transportation.

"A little delegation such as ours would have three of the most important committees on the hill," Inouye said.

Both of Hawaii's senators said they'll enjoy the moment and then get back to work.

"In a way it's a very solemn moment for us, because we've been asking to become the majority," Inouye said. "And now that we have it, we will have to demonstrate that we can lead."