Hirono Heading to Congress

HONOLULU (KHNL) - It looks like Mazie Hirono will be heading to Congress.

From the beginning, she held a strong lead, but it wasn't until after the second printout that she started celebrating.

"Tonight is a wonderful night for me and my family, especially for my partner in life, my husband," Hirono said. "I think Patsy Mink has been with me all throughout this race and I'm just so grateful to be following in her footsteps."

In addition to thanking her family and supporters, Hirono also sent a message to her challenger, Bob Hogue.

"I want to thank him for a good race and for his graciousness and for conceding now so we can get on with the leadership," she said.

Hirono will be heading to Washington by the end of the week. She'll be tied up with orientation before addressing some issues.

"Because we need to bring our troops home safely and we need to move Iraq towards sovereignty, social security needs to be supported, education has always been big for me," she said.

This is a happy and historic moment for Hirono. She will be the first person born in Japan, to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives.