Abercrombie Wins First District

Sen. Dan Inouye with Rep. Neil Abercrombie
Sen. Dan Inouye with Rep. Neil Abercrombie

(KHNL) - U.S. Representative Neil Abercrombie held onto his seat in the 1st Congressional District, defeating Republican challenger Richard "Noah" Hough.  After the second printout, Abercrombie had 66.1 percent to Hough's 29.4 percent with 109 of 157 precincts reporting. Abercrombie maintained his comfortable lead in the first printout.

The eight-term incumbent said his "credibility and experience" set him apart from his opponent.  Abercrombie raised more than $1 million for his campaign, while Hough managed to raise about $17,000.

Hough has been an engineer with the U.S. Army.  The money spent on his campaign largely came his personal funds.  He acknowledged the odds were stacked against him, but said this is his "first year of a three-year-campaign."

Abercrombie has focused on his record in Congress and his 16 years of seniority.  While he had been expected to win, Abercrombie said in the campaign he is not taking anything for granted because in 1974 he was an underdog who won.

Abercrombie was born in Buffalo, New York.  He received a bachelor's and master's degrees from Union College in Schenectady, New York.  He moved to Honolulu in 1964 to teach.  He received his Ph.D. from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he joined its faculty as a professor.