Lingle Elected to Second Term

Governor Linda Lingle
Governor Linda Lingle

(KHNL) - Gov. Linda Lingle (R-Hawaii) just made history.  She is the first Republican to win a second term as Hawaii's governor.  Lingle leads Democratic challenger Randy Iwase, a former state senator.  Lingle had 60.0 percent of the votes, while Iwase had 36.6 percent, according to the second election results printout with 267 of 353 precincts reporting.  Iwase conceded defeat at around 9:30 PM Tuesday.

During the campaign, the governor raised more than $6 million to finance her campaign.  Iwase raised about $328,000.

Iwase entered the race at the last minute, after no other Democrat wanted to go up against the popular Republican governor.

Lingle holds a few distinctions in Hawaii politics.  She is the first Republican to hold the governorship in 40 years.  William F. Quinn was the last Republican governor in 1962. She is also the first female and the first Jewish governor of Hawaii.  Lingle previously served as the mayor of Maui.

Iwase is a former Hawaii state senator and former deputy attorney general.  During the campaign, he touted education as his top priority.

Lingle's expected victory will likely be the lone Republican victory in Hawaii.  Democrats are expected to hold on to Hawaii's congressional delegation, state legislature and half of the county mayorships.