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Observers Say Strong Turnout For 2006 General Election

Gene Albano Gene Albano
Pikake Enos Pikake Enos
Megan Valdez Megan Valdez
Voters at Kalihi Valley field Voters at Kalihi Valley field

by Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - There was a big crowd at Kalihi Valley District Park as voters checked in and got their ballots.

Overall a strong turnout, says Democratic poll watcher Gene Albano, "I've been here for the primary election and today and I observed more voters today, more voter turnout in fact early this morning lots of young voters first voters."

State Elections Officials say by 2 PM there was a 22 percent voter turnout and that doesn't include absentee ballots.

They ducked into voting booths and penciled in their choices. Time to feed it into the scanner.

It's easy for experienced voters and exciting if it's your first time says voter Megan Valdez, "I'm hoping I do good at it, first time ha ha."

At 19 year old, Valdez hopes her vote counts, "Man if I don't vote don't grumble I mean you know. I want something done about things if they say they are gonna do it, I hope it gets done."

But it was a little trying for first timer Pikake Enos who dropped her ballot. "Ooopps, see I don't know what to do."

Help is available from the polling volunteers. They instruct, "take the ballot and insert it into the slot right here. Here?"

Enos checked a box instead of filling in a circle. A quick fix, then success.

Despite her first-time voting jitters, Enos says it was a good experience and she'll do it again,

"I'm happy and at least I got to vote. Yes I'll do it again. "

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