The City Puts An East O'ahu Sewer Project On Hold

Craig Nishimura
Craig Nishimura

(KHNL) - It's already been around for more than a year now.

But now the city says that emergency sewer line strung along an east Oahu highway will stick around at least thru next summer.

Along Kalanianiole Highway, its become a familiar sight.

The emergency bypass line for the Niu Valley sewer.

And here is where city crews say it will stay because a new replacement line can't be put in underground.

"We don't have a right of entry we cannot get on the property to complete this job," says the Deputy Director of the City's Design and Construction department, Craig Nishimura.

The city doesn't have a right of entry because the landowner, King's Cathedral wants an insurance policy to make sure the dig , doesn't dig up any problems.

"Our insurance is requiring a policy to protect the center and the tenants against general liability and pollution. We're talking about a 42 inch sewer line drilled into a parking lot of a fast food establishment," says King's Cathedral Associate Pastor, Brian Reynolds.

But the city is balking at paying for such a pricey policy. Which would provide ten million dollars in coverage.

So instead, the project will have to wait, and east Oahu drivers will be stuck with this above ground sewer line and eyesore.

"We have a sewer pipe in the highway. Not pretty for any of us," says one east Oahu resident.

Because this project has stalled, even with months of negotiations, the city may now take more drastic measures to get this sewer work going.

"We're also going thru a condemnation process to try and get onto the property to complete the project." says Nishimura.

But can the above ground sewer line last another 6 months?

The city says that shouldn't be a problem, unless a car crashes into it, or it's vandalized, all possibilities while it's above ground.