Keolu Hills Slashing Victim Was Shot And Left For Dead 25 Years Ago


(KHNL) -- The victim found with his throat slashed in Keolu Hills yesterday is still fighting for his life. But KHNL has learned this isn't the first time Donald Boyce has been attacked and left for dead.

Police are hoping the Kailua man brutally attacked in his yard may soon be able to communicate.

An amazing amount of misfortune in this victim's life.

25-years ago when Boyce was 42 he was also clinging to life after being shot in the stomach during a robbery. And 10 years before that he was beaten up during a separate robbery.

Balloons are tied up in the carport. They say I love you and get well soon. It's a consistent message. Neighbors are stunned by the attack.

One neighbor who wanted to remain anonymous says, "I don't understand, he is a nice person I don't think anyone would hurt him."

Police found 67 year-old Donald Boyce in his yard yesterday with his throat slashed. He had called 9-1-1 but could not speak. Police responded and quickly called for an ambulance.

This is not the first time Boyce has been rushed to the hospital.

According to clips from our news partner the, Honolulu Advertiser,

Back in 1972 boyce worked at a restaurant in the International Marketplace. A gunman wearing a ski mask tied him up and took more than four thousand dollars from the safe.

In 1981 when Boyce was 42 years old he was managing the Aikahi Burger King. He got a call that there was a problem at the restaurant and when he got down there he was confronted by two men wearing masks. After he opened the safe, they tied him up and shot him in the chest. Boyce recovered from that gunshot wound.

The neighbor adds, "That is why my husband is so surprised. How can people do that to him? He is a nice guy.

Boyce remains in critical condition following Friday's attack.

Given that throat injury, detectives are hoping he writes down information about whoever attacked him. Police say the three incidents are not related, just coincidence.

Donald Boyce is a talented wood worker.

He is also well known for playing Santa Claus at Castle Hospital, even riding in a canoe as Santa for the tourists in Waikiki.